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Trivia League


  • Trivia League seasons span three months, coinciding with the actual seasons.
  • Each season consists of 6-7 events, depending on the calendar.
  • The inaugural season runs from June to August, specifically from June 13 to August 22.


  • Maximum of 61 points per week: 60 regular points and one bonus point for correctly guessing the mystery theme.
  • Teams accumulate points throughout the season, adding each week's score to their season total.
  • Teams forfeit points for any week they miss.

Team Composition:

  • Recommended team size is four people, but teams can range from 1 to 8 members.
  • Teams exceeding 4 members receive a points handicap of -1 per member over 4.
  • Teams fewer than 4 members receive a +1 point bonus per member under 4.
  • Consistent team composition is encouraged, though occasional variations are permissible.

Weekly Structure:

  • Each week features six rounds, each focusing on a specific theme.
  • Every week includes a music round and a visual round (pictures or video).
  • Questions span various subjects including movies, music, history, geography, science, and general trivia.


  • Weekly prizes for First, Second, and Third place, along with a mystery bonus prize for guessing the theme.
    1. First Place: $60 gift card to Cold Bear Brewing.
    2. Second Place: $30 gift card to Cold Bear Brewing.
    3. Third Place: $15 gift card to Cold Bear Brewing.
  • Grand prize awarded to the team(s) with the highest season score. Grand prizes are [TBD].


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